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Community Partner Service Agreement

Part 1: Professional Services Agreement (PSA) or Agreement Is originally made and entered into on January 9, 2023 between Together for Brothers (T4B), a fiscally sponsored project ofAlbuquerque Community Foundation (ACF), hereinafter referred to as ACF, and contractor specified below, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor. 


NOW, THEREFORE, FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and agreements contained herein, ACF contracts the Contractor under the terms and conditions hereby agreed upon by the PSA.

Part 2: The term of this Agreement shall be from January 5th 2024 -  


Part 3: Services or scope of work, as agreed upon and managed by Executive Director, for Contractor include: attending bi-monthly T4B Advisory Board Working Group Meetings in March, May, July, September and November (as agreed upon by the paticipants) and other activities as agreed upon by ACF and contractor. Payments for services are contingent upon the completion of deliverables to ACF from the scope of work. Contractor shall provide, while providing the Services, that he/she/they shall comply with the policies, standards and regulations of ACF and T4B including local, state and federal laws to the best of their abilities.


Part 4: ACF shall pay a Compensation to the Contractor at $100.00/hour for up to ten hours or up to $500.00 in a payment at the end of the year. This payment can and will go to organizations for those who indicate organization or individual for those who indicate individual. In addition the Contractor will also supply a $25 gift card for meals after each bi-monthly meeting. 


Part 5: Contractor will need to submit a signed service agreement and submit W9. PCA will support the Contractor and draft invoice for one payment.


Part 6: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in the State of New Mexico.


Part 7: If there is a disagreement or conflict with this Agreement then mediation or restorative justice will be pursued.


Part 8: Contractor also agrees to keep all information received during this contract as confidential unless otherwise arranged with ACF.


Part 9: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between ACF and Contractor to its subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements. No modification of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing by ACF and Contractor. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, ACF and Contractor hereto agree to the above terms and have caused this Agreement to be executed in their names by their duly authorized officers.

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