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Together for Brothers (T4B) Wellness Practices


T4B believes that prioritizing the health – behavioral, community, emotional, financial, physical and spiritual wellness – and wellbeing of our employees and community are crucial to our vision of healthy communities. We have several wellness practices that we follow to foster a culture of wellbeing:


  • T4B full-time employees work a 35 hour work week with 5 of those hours being “wellness hours” for staff to promote health including behavioral, community, financial, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Employees or contractors that work less than 10 hours weekly receive 1 wellness hour weekly and those who work more than 15 hours receive 2.50 wellness hours weekly. 

  • T4B full-time employees receive benefits including health insurance, paid leave and vacation.

  • T4B takes two weeks of paid breaks for between the four month seasons of Winter (January-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (September-December). Additionally each season there is one week of paid break.

  • T4B partners with Three Sisters Kitchen to provide employees and contractors “ReFresh” foodshare of fresh locally grown produce from the Refresh Food Access Program every other week. 

  • T4B offers $500.00 asset and capacity building grants once each season for personal efforts to meet goals of new and existing assets.

  • T4B also provides technology assistance including laptops and/or WiFi for employees and contractors.

  • T4B practices 10-Step Tai Ji and incorporates the movements into our principles. Staff and contractors take part in weekly Tai Ji sessions via Zoom and include 10-Step Tai Ji in all activities, circles and meetings. 

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