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"I'm not currently working so it’s been a huge help, service has also been fast and the no cost helps me get to the laundry mat, financially, get to the grocery store, clinic and gives me the ability to still live my life despite my current unemployment situation."

Alan Cruz, Bus Rider


"Accessibility to the bus line impacts my son, my family, my community and my lively-hood. My son can access the bus for work, school and recreation around the city. As his caregiver I can go with him. Zero Fares will help us to get to jobs which will help to support my family."

Karen Cathey, Bus Rider


Albuquerque Transit Rider Union (ABQTRU)



T4B began organizing for transit equity in 2017-2018 with a health impact assessment (HIA) about youth and transportation. After four years of organizing, in 2021 Zero Fares was approved by city council and T4B started the Transit Equity & Community Safety Working Group which started meeting in October 2021. In January 2022, the group transitioned to the Albuquerque Bus Riders Union (ABRU) and in January 2024 the group transitioned into the Albuquerque Transit Riders Union (ABQTRU).





ABQTRU organizes most impacted communities or transit dependent bus riders and paratransit riders as well as community partners who organize with transit dependent bus riders. Choice riders and others in the community also interested in public transit and transit equity are also welcome.

ABRU is organizing to document & share bus rider stories, keep Zero Fares, bus & bus stop safety and clean transit as well as promoting biking, mobility for people with disabilities and walking.

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T4B is grateful to the support of Energy Foundation, Fund Front Line Power and others for the funding and other support for transit equity and mobility sovereignty organizing.

 Contact Sayid at for more information.

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