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T4B Winter with the Brothers (WWTB) Transit Rider, Mother, Father & Youth Leader (BRMYL) Stipend Agreement 

In order to be supported with a Transit Rider, Mother, Father or Youth Leader stipend or participant payment with Together for Brothers (T4B), the leader (and if younger than 18 years old both you and a parent or guardian) must read, sign and submit this agreement to show you understand the following information:

  • A stipend is a payment made to an individual for verified attendance or participation in circles or meetings only, NOT for services rendered. 

  • Payment cannot be tied to any obligation for past, present or future services. 

  • There can be no employer/employee relationship associated with stipend payment and T4B or Albuquerque Community Foundation (ACF).

  • There are no fringe benefits associated with a stipend payment, as they are NOT for services rendered. 

  • You are your responsible for reporting and paying any taxes.

  • The signatures below certifies your understanding and acceptance.

Outcomes and objectives for the cohort program include:

  • Build capacity - asset maps, building healthy relationships, gender & racial justice, healthy habits and storytelling - as a bus ride, mother or youth leader with T4B

  • Build healthy relationships with other bus riders, mothers or youth and community partners

  • Complete artifacts: evaluations, pre- and post-asset maps, PhotoStory, poem, video and zine

The agreement includes the following:

All non-service stipend payments will be processed through ACF. All payment processes will be completed by T4B upon successful completion of cohort and receiving all required forms. Taxes will not be withheld on these payments. It is important to note, however, that these payments may be taxable to the recipient. Participants should seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor regarding taxability of income.

Thanks for submitting!

Questions can be directed to

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