Transit Equity daY - FebruAry 4

T4B's Story of Lifting Up Transit Equity in Albuquerque


First Transit Equity Day Proclamation (2019)

Together for Brothers (T4B) believes the community who are most impacted by a decision should be those who are taking part in making the decision.


T4B began our journey of lifting up transit equity work in ABQ in the summer of 2017 when we began a Health Impact Assessment to forward policy for a free Universal Youth Bus Pass on ABQ Ride for all young people in ABQ, NM ages 10-18 years old. After organizing for almost four years, WE WON! With the organizing of young men of color and many community partners we reached our original goal but our organizing for transit equity continues.


On a national level we've begun participating in organizing efforts with the Labor Network for Sustainability to organize for transit equity and Transit Equity Day actions nationwide.


On 2021 Transit Equity Day T4B was asking Mayor Tim Keller to make the free bus fares permanent for youth 18 years old and younger (WE WON) and also to add youth ages 19-24 years old and seniors 65 years old and older as well as increasing access and opportunities for youth and their families, especially low income youth and youth of color, to the city’s parks, open spaces and other spaces including with information in multiple languages.

Since 2019, on February 4th or the birthday of Rosa Parks, the mayor has proclaimed Transit Equity Day in the City of Albuquerque - a step in the direction that began with leaders and organizers such as Rosa Parks and the many people of color and allies who have been organizing for decades for racial and social justice. This has included free youth bus passes in summer 2018 and 2019 as well as free bus service on Transit Equity Day each year!

Thanks again to the City of Albuquerque Office of Equity and Inclusion for all of their support! And a big thanks to Mayor Tim Keller for the Executive Order and ABQ Ride and the Transit Department for offering free bus rides today. If you ride the bus on Transit Equity Day, please post about it and/or share a photo with #TransitEquityDay and/or #brothersonthebus hashtags.

T4B will keep organizing for transit equity including community participation of those most impacted by lack of access to transit because of cost, frequency or location of public buses.